Learn the Buddha's Teachings

Buddha Meditation Centre Vancouver at the Mahamevanawa Buddhist Monastery is a place for you to learn and practice the authentic teachings of Gautama Buddha. We are part of the ancient Theravada Buddhist tradition. We provide a sacred place of refuge for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike to practice personal reflection and spiritual development. We offer a variety of activities including meditation programs, youth and children programs, day-long retreats, chanting services and talks on the Buddha's teachings.​ sign up to get announcements and teachings on Buddhism delivered to your inbox. All of our activities are free to the public.

Children's Dhamma Programm

You always try to provide the best comfort to your children and uplift their talents and provide the best education for them. Have you ever thought of how to cultivate good human qualities,values and habits in them?

children's Dhamma Program which is conducted by monks for children provides the younger members of the Buddhist community the opportunity to learn meditation techniques, cultivate good values, be compassionate and spread loving kindness. As a parent, you will be pleased to see your child develop spiritually and cultivate a positive mind and be happy forever. Make a determination from today that you get them participate in every Dhamma Program organized for children by Mahamevnawa and be a happy mum and dad…

Every First Saturday at 9:00am