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Mahamevnawa is an organisation of Buddhist monasteries established in the year 1999 in Sri Lanka, for the purpose of spiritual development through Gautama Supreme Buddha’s dispensation. At the time when the true doctrine of the Supreme Buddha was hardly known or practised, Mahamevnawa endeavoured to teach the Noble Dhamma from the 18,000 original discourses – all of which have been protected for over 2,500 years within the Pali cannon.

Vancouver branch of Mahamevnawa was established in 2016. Located in Richmond in the heart of Greater Vancouver Area (GVA), this branch was formed in November, 2016. Devotees in Vancouver now have the rare opportunity to listen to the teachings of Goutama Buddha and collect valuable merit.

Our Mission:

Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery Vancouver aims to provide a peaceful refuge for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike with facilities that promote Buddhist teachings on various forms of meditation, personal reflection, and spiritual growth. It is our goal to spread the teachings and practices of Lord Buddha to lessen, and inevitably eliminate, the suffering of all beings.

A Message from our teacher, Ven Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero.

The Buddha devoted all his life to save man from dukkha-suffering. We are followers of the Buddha and our fervent hope is to see a world full of people who are freed from dukkha.Mankind’s wonderful treasure of wisdom is the Teaching of Buddha.The doctrine illuminates our lives bringing happiness and joy. Go in search of this wonderful Dhamma your self, lead your life accordingly, get rid of your suffering and join that fortunate band of people who experience the Supreme Bliss