Frequently Asked Questions

No. Wear what is comfortable for you. On special occasions some people like to wear white clothes, but that’s optional and many people don’t.

No. All of our events and activities are completely free.

Absolutely. We also have stools and cushions. Feel free to bring your own if you like.

We are a family friendly place. While there are some activities specifically for young people, parents can decide what other events are suitable for their children.

Sinhala is one of the languages spoken in Sri Lanka. A few of our programs are conducted in Sinhala. These are clearly marked.

Pali is the ancient language that our scriptures were originally written in. We usually do chanting in Pali and English for the English programs so people can understand what is being chanted.

Currently our monastery and meditation centre is located in a private house, so we ask that you call to make an appointment to visit outside of scheduled program times. Call us at (778) 939-5241 or send us an email at

Absolutely. That’s why we are here. Anyone interested in learning is welcome. No need to join. No need to register.